Legacy of an Artist [Memento Mori]

Studio waste / 28 x 52 x 7.5 in Legacy of an Artist [Memento Mori] is a series of ephemeral sculptures made with waste collected in my studio. It follows the tradition of “Vanitas”, still life artwork that includes various symbolic objects such as “Memento Mori”, designed to remind the viewer of their mortality.

"As an artist, I produce artworks, but I will also leave behind an important amount of waste. This waste is a part of my practice. This still life series is accompanied by a blog containing the history of each object. The life of those objects in my studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is known. However, their existence before and after that stay can’t always be retraced. Only a fragment of their history can be documented, the blanks left to speculation. This work is an attempt to acknowledge the existence of waste—some with a longer existence than me—before and after my encounter with them."

Learn more about where those objects are coming from and where they will go at artistlegacy.tumblr.com Acknowledgement: learning about the existence of objects after waste collection is possible with the assistance of Waste Resources TPW, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

© Marie-Soleil Provençal