My work addresses the relationships that humans have with their surroundings, how they perceive them, and what the threshold between what is defined as “human” and “non-human” might be. I endeavour to achieve this by considering the physical properties of different materials, and their propensity to project humanity. I use techniques of moulding or assembling of a minimal number of elements to render complex ideas in their simplest form. Artworks draw into mundane materials such as concrete, matchsticks, abandoned furniture, window screens, and hay.

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Provençal is from Quebec, Canada. She completed a Major in Fine Arts with Honours in studio practice at Bishop's University in 2019. She is a Master’s Student in Fine Arts at NSCAD University in Halifax, Canada. She is interested in the involvement of materials as co-participants in contemporary art practice. Some of her artworks have been chosen by the gallery Art Mûr Montréal for their annual exhibition on most promising artists from Canadian universities from 2017 to 2019. She has been an assistant professor in sculpture, a technician in Fine Arts, and an instructor in Visual Arts since 2011. She currently works as a research intern on alternative sustainable materials with waste such as sawdust, wood ashes and oyster shells.